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Pioneer Laser and Combo Disc Players

Pioneer DVL-919, 2-Side Laser / CD / Video-CD / DVD Player
Sale: $937.00, Including Domestic USA Shipping.

To DVD or not to DVD? Pioneer answered this question in 1997 with the world's first Laser Disc +DVD combination player. To everyone's surprise, the DVL-700 outsold all other DVD or Laser Disc players in 1997, regardless of brand or price.

Pioneer continues to improve on their original design by offering their last production laser disc player, the DVL-919. New features and improvements include 10 bit DAC MPEG-2 video decoding, "Personal Modes" hardware preference settings menu, twin-wave laser pickup for optimum DVD, CD, and CD-R compatibility, and digital "wow and flutter" filtering. Additional features include double-side laser disc play, dual layer DVD play, optical and coax Dolby Digital 5+1 sub-carrier outputs for both laser and DVD discs, separate loading drawers for 5" and 12" discs, full digital effects on CLV format laser discs, PCM and AC-3 digital outputs, component video, S-video & composite video outputs, 96Khz/24-Bit digital audio decoding, DTS certification, on-screen graphical user interface (GUI), 120/240 VAC power supply, wireless remote, and much more.

Laser Disc Album Jacket Covers And Accessories

12" Album Jacket Covers

New and Improved... These 3 mil clear plastic covers feature a 1 1/2" fold over flap and two resealable adhesive strips to hold the flap shut. Covers are designed to replace warpage-causing shrink wrap on your laser disc jackets. Resealable flap also prevents disc(s) from falling out of the jacket. One size fits single or double 12" disc sets.

Quantity           Price, Each:
   1 to 999            $.30
   1,000 Lots          $.25

Shipping Weightt: 1 Lb. per 25 covers ordered.

Poly Lined Inner Sleeves

These 12" heavy duty white inner sleeves are lined with a special non-reactive plastic to protect your laser discs from dirt and scratches. Rigid paper square corners eliminate crumpling when the sleeve is inserted into the jacket. Sleeve also prevents the disc from falling out of the jacket.

Quantity           Price, Each:
   1 to 999            $.30
   500 Lots            $.25

Spg. Wt: 1 Lb. per 25 covers ordered.